January 07, 2013 at 05:55 PM EST

Any kid can tell you that one of the great pleasures of any toy is unpacking that sealed box for the first time and putting all the parts and stickers together.

Visual effects house Industrial Light & Magic has given EW’s CapeTown a video that might give fans of The Avengers that same feeling.

The collection of behind-the-scenes clips reveals everything from the simulated Mark Ruffalo they created to morph into The Hulk, to the fact that most of New York in the movie was a digitally painted backdrop.

So watch the video, then allow ILM visual effects supervisor Jeff White to provide a deeper explanation of what it shows:

1. Stop-motion Marvel puppet show

2. Growing Hulk from a digital Mark Ruffalo

3. The world’s deadliest tackling dummy

4. The helicarrier snaps to attention

5. Building a new New York City for Iron Man’s flight

6. Strange rain falling on the city …

7. Peeping in through skyscraper windows

8. Digital Ruffalo vs. the alien leviathan

9. Six heroes, one major fight sequence

10. “Puny god …”

And for other behind the scenes videos like this one, check out ILM’s YouTube page.

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