While its practically de rigueur for the trainers to scream at contestants on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper told reporters Sunday that he’ll dial it back big time for the three kids join who are joining the cast this season, which begins tonight on NBC.

“We wanted to do exactly opposite what we do to the adults,” Harper, a trainer on the show since it’s start. “We get raw, we get rough by yelling and screaming. When we work with children, we are extremely sensitive. We will do no breaking down. We will only lift them up. We are trying to– bring up a topic in America. The problem of childhood obesity.”

The youths — Noah Gray, 13, Sanjana Chandrasekar, 16, and Lindsay Bravo, 13 — won’t spent a lot of time at the ranch. Cameras will follow them as they go about their lives while the trainers work with them at their homes. They won’t be weighed on camera. “You will never see the kids compete or get eliminated,” Harper said. “Our children are our ambassadors this season.”

As for the adults, Harper says he and Jillian Michaels (who is back this season!) will continue to bring the anger whenever someone poops out on the treadmill. “It’s almost like it needs to be raw,” he says. “Jillian and I are extremely passionate. Words will come out. [I’ll go back and think] ‘oh my god how many times did I say the F word? It’s like Full Metal Jacket. That sergeant didn’t hold anything back.”

“We take it very seriously,” added Michaels. “For us its like a life or death intervention. We get intense for a reason.”