Reviews of the latest releases from OneRepublic, Josh Groban, and more

By EW Staff
Updated January 04, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

Paul Mccartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, And Pat Smear, ”Cut Me Some Slack”
How much attention should we pay to a high-profile lark? When the larkers include a knighted Beatle and the majority of Nirvana, some certainly seems due. Not too much, though: The strange brew of Macca’s crazed howling and the band’s power-psych freak-out is passable, but hardly a memorable marker in either of their respective towering catalogs. BRay Rahman

Darius Rucker Feat. Lady Antebellum, ”Wagon Wheel”
The Hootie frontman–turned–Nashville hitmaker has flipped Old Crow Medicine Show’s creaky bluegrass anthem on its head, turning it into a rich, twangy romper with a decidedly sunny vibe — and a certain superstar country trio on background vocals! Suddenly ”Wagon Wheel” sounds less like a closing-time bar-clearer and more like the song that’ll get the night started. AGrady Smith

OneRepublic, ”If I Lose Myself”
Satan, grab your snowshoes: Ryan Tedder wrote a (kinda) fast song. Pop’s top crafter of slow-chug beats finally picks up the pace a bit with a bro-friendly, blandly inspirational jam that’s perfect for — well, if not quite dancing, then at least energetic fist-pumping with your beer-free hand. B+Adam Markovitz

Dido Feat. Kendrick Lamar, ”Let Us Move On”
It makes sense that an artist whose biggest pop culture moment came when she sang the hook on Eminem’s ”Stan” would choose to team up with another deeply introspective MC — especially one as current as Kendrick. He doesn’t add the same kind of narrative intensity as Slim Shady to the British songbird’s woozy latest, but he does bring some needed energy. B-Kyle Anderson

Josh Groban, ”Brave”
Your mom’s favorite guest on Ellen recruits go-to rock producer Rob Cavallo to give some sonic heft to match his sonic-vista tenor. It’s a fruitful bond: Cavallo cranks up Groban’s slightly stuffy delivery with the same magisterial swoop he slathered over Green Day’s American Idiot. For popera, it almost rocks. A-Kyle Anderson

Kid Cudi, ”King Wizard”
This track from the rapper’s upcoming album Indicud is downright existential, from the soul-searching refrain (”I can’t decide/What if life’s a lie?”) to the minimalist production — just a few haunting organ notes and a clap-clap beat. Dark stuff, but deep, too. BMelissa Maerz