EW's Lynette Rice and Dalton Ross joined Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray at the judging table for the second-season premiere of Food Network's ''Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off,'' which returns Jan. 6 at 9 p.m. We asked Guy and Rachael to reveal their team members' signature dishes — and also to dish on the culinary prowess of each.

By EW Staff
Updated January 04, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

Guy’s Team
Johnny Weir, Olympic figure skater
”Tumbleweeds” chicken meatballs with honey truffle sauce
”Now, if you told me Johnny wanted to become a professional skydiver or was going to learn to speak seven languages, I’d buy it. This dude is awesome. He went into it with a lot of passion. Honey truffle sauce is a big jump for a first episode — it may not be my first idea — but that’s the beauty of it. If you were told you couldn’t fly, would you do it?”

Chilli, member of TLC
Tilapia tostadas with mango salsa
”She’s eaten a lot of great food by traveling around with her band. She has a pretty big palate. She’s a great artist and a really deep person. She’d talk about things she’d like. She came here to win it.”

Cornelia Guest, designer & author
Three-bean vegetarian chili
”She is a true believer in vegetarian cooking. It started when she was a kid, so this isn’t some fad. Eating creatures freaks her out. This is really ingrained in her. Her chili could have used more spice, more flavor, but there was limited time and she had to make a couple gallons! It’s not like seasoning a hamburger.”

Dean McDermott, actor
Grilled skirt steak on spicy jalapeño polenta
”He was very intense, very enthusiastic, very driven. And he has a good, strong foundation of food. He was the team captain — probably one of the most soulful and caring people I’ve seen on the show. He took it to heart, what I said about his food and how his team was doing. He was an enormous giver.”

Rachael’s Team
Gilbert Gottfried, comedian
Cinnamon toast peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bananas ”It’s difficult to tell when he understands and when he doesn’t. I was trying to help him as much as possible! I have to give it to him — it’s sweet that he wanted to learn something about food. He was great comic relief, but out of the two teams, he was the most challenging.”

Carnie Wilson, member of Wilson Phillips
”Fall to Your Knees” mac ‘n’ cheese
”Carnie was out of control! She has a whole cookbook in her head. She’s ready to adapt anything she knows. She’s got the broadest depth of knowledge — baking recipes, basic sauces, casseroles. Mac and cheese is so trendy right now. Anytime you can take comfort food and elevate it to the next level, people are going to love it. It doesn’t matter the price point or the education of the eater — it’s just a smart play.”

Kathy Najimy, Actress
Stuffed mushrooms with Lebanese filling
”She cooked vegetarian, out of respect to her daughter. Kathy eats meat, but she thought it would be a fun challenge if she tried something different. I thought it was very cool and clever. It gave her an edge.”

Hines Ward, ex-NFL star
Asian persuasion wings
”This gigantic superstar of a man goes out, kills it on the dance floor in Dancing With the Stars, and then says, ‘Okay, how am I going to challenge myself next?’ He has a really good sense of flavor. Nothing is underseasoned. There’s a great balance — sweet and hot, sweet and savory. He’s got an excellent palate.”