In a move that has sparked a flurry of speculation, the Coachella festival posted a photo of a rock on its Facebook page. But it’s not just any rock. It’s a round rock. In a field.

Does this mean that the Rolling Stones are headlining the festival? Plenty of people are convinced that it does. And, to be honest, they’re not that crazy. Last month, the Stones briefly listed an April 12 Coachella performance on their mobile app before it was taken down. They also just wrapped a seven-gig tour celebrating their 50th anniversary, meaning they’re already on the road. Plus, the rock in that field does look a lot like a rolling stone.

A rep for the group didn’t offer any comment as of this writing.

Still, it seems a little rash to assume that the photo is bona fide proof of their appearance. Heck, it could just mean be a run-of-the-mill promo pic . Or, as one commenter put it:

“It’s a ball. Ball starts with B. Bjork and Blur start with B. Confirmed.”

My money’s on those two.

Update: We (along with everyone else) misidentified the object in the photo as a stone. Coachella reps have confirmed to Billboard, however, that the item in question is actually a polo ball.

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