By James Hibberd
Updated January 04, 2013 at 04:47 PM EST

Discovery Channel is doubling down on high-seas adventure, green-lighting two seafaring reality series this week.

The first is Shipwreck Men, which is a bit like a cross between Deadliest Catch and Operation Repo. The show details the cutthroat business of salvage operations off the coast of southern Florida. The show follows four rival companies that race to be the first on the scene to save sinking vessels and other maritime endeavors. Salvage companies scan the waters, day and night, looking for opportunities to make money when others on get in over their heads.

The series should fit right in at Discovery, where blue-collar reality shows that detail a competitive outdoor business like Deadliest and Gold Rush Alaska have performed very well for the network.

The second show is Extreme Smuggling, a documentary series that looks at the world of drug smuggling, animal trafficking and illegal gun trading. Each episode details sophisticated and sometimes bizarre techniques used by criminals to move contraband, both on land and on the water. Footage will include some rare video of smugglers in action (some was shot by undercover agents and some by a producer who gained the trust of the criminals).

Though both shows are being announced now, their premiere dates are right around the corner. Both debut Monday, Jan. 14.

Here’s a first look video of Shipwreck Men: