Time Warner Cable has terminated their agreement with CurrentTV following its sale to Al Jazeera.

The company said in a statement provided to EW that they will no longer be carrying the service and “are removing the service as quickly as possible.”

According to reports, the removal of the network from the TWC system began last night, shortly after news of the sale to the controversial network became public. Removal began in the New York area, and elimination from all markets is reportedly near completion.

Some have speculated that the move was political — as Al Jazeera has drawn both commendation and criticism in the past decade — but others point to CurrentTV’s disappointing viewership, which on average hovered around 40,000. Time Warner is said to have taken an open doorway out of their existing contract.

Meanwhile, the company says it is keeping “an open mind” about carrying Al Jazeera’s new channel, currently being referred to as Al Jazeera America, which will offer a combination of new U.S programming and existing programming.

It should be noted that Al Jazeera English — the existing channel — is currently offered to Time Warner Cable customers in New York and Los Angeles, due to a third-party agreement that exists between local broadcasters and Al Jazeera. (It is also available for streaming online.)

In related news, the Wall Street Journal reports that Al Jazeera wasn’t the only one to inquire about CurrentTV’s sale. The paper reports that Glenn Beck’s The Blaze had expressed interested but, claims Beck, “we were rejected by progressive owners.”