Ellen von Unwerth exclusively for Vanity Fair
Credit: Jesse Cowell/My Damn Channel

Ellen von Unwerth exclusively for Vanity Fair[/caption]

Jennifer Lawrence, you don’t know me. I have never met you. I haven’t even ever seen you. But every time you open your mouth, I’m convinced we must be soul mates. Like that time you admitted to nearly causing a car accident in your pursuit of Honey Boo Boo (few people have my same dedication to trashy reality TV). Or when you boldly revealed that you prefer to spend your days pantsless (who doesn’t?). But you really won me over when you confessed to thinking about your couch while partying (are you reading my mind?). To me, you are perfect.

So when this month’s Vanity Fair declared you “the world’s most desirable woman,” I couldn’t help but stand up and cheer. I cannot count the ways I love thee — there are simply too many. But your candid interview gave me half a dozen reasons more. For those of you who are reluctant to hop on the JLaw bandwagon (and why would you be?), here are six quotes proving why Lawrence is your ideal BFFL.

6. You can rent an apartment and be pantsless together: “I’m not ready to own a place yet. I have the money, but I don’t have the maturity.”

5. She doesn’t care what people think of her: “It’s uncomfortable having to pose when people are shouting at you and the next day you just get slaughtered. You walk out there and go, ‘Hate me!’”

4. She obsesses over celebs: “Once I’m obsessed with somebody, I’m terrified of them instantly. I’m not scared of them — I’m scared of me and how I will react.”

3. You can enjoy a pint while battling a bout of self-loathing: “I always felt like I sucked at everything, that I could never find the thing that I liked. I auditioned and I probably sucked, but I had decided 100 percent that this is what I wanted to do.”

2. She’s just as intimidated by Meryl Streep as you are: “[O]ne time someone was introducing me to Bill Maher, and I saw Meryl Streep walk into the room, and I literally put my hand right in Bill Maher’s face and said, ‘Not now, Bill!,’ and I just stared at Meryl Streep.”

1. She will defend you with a bow and arrow: “I pulled into my garage and I heard men in my house. And I was like, ‘I’m not letting them take my stuff’. I had just gotten back from training, so I had the bow and arrows in the back of my car. I went to my car and I put this quiver on me and I had my bow and I loaded it…”

JLaw, if you’re reading this, be my best friend.

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