By Keith Staskiewicz
January 03, 2013 at 09:19 PM EST

The latest trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth entry in the soon-to-be 25-year-old franchise, brings in a little more of the series’ trademark irony. In it, John McClane exchanges plenty of bullet fire, as well as some barbs with his son, Jack—last seen sitting on the kitchen floor in his jammies in the first Die Hard, and currently played by Jai Courtney, fighting some nasty Russian heavies alongside dear ol’ dad. It’s also made clear that McClane’s phrase “007 of Plainfield, N.J.” is in reference to his kid and not himself. But as someone who grew up in North Plainfield, I can attest that it’s still meant to be deeply sarcastic.

The original 1988 film was somewhat of a corrective to the he-man kill-count action movies of its decade, most of which were also produced by Joel Silver, and McClane was always more of the right guy in the wrong situation than a hulking mass of biceps and machine guns. Of course, once you’re five movies deep in a series with an exponentially increasing scope—”The McClanes are going to Moscow!“— it helps to have a wink or two. Hence lines in the trailer like “I guess you’ve done this before” and “Do you go looking for trouble or does it always find you?” It’s nice to see that even if the mission statement’s gotten a little fuzzy, the tone’s still there. Plus, like the other trailers, this one is set to “Ode to Joy,” the franchise’s unofficial anthem. (Although, personally, I’ve always thought this tune would make a more appropriate theme song.) Check out the new trailer below.

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