Despite the scandalous outfits, and the dances with strippers, and the dupstep songs about figurative cake that end in literal food fights, Miley Cyrus is more than a wild child — she’s a singer, y’all.

Need proof? Just check out this new video of Miley wailing Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” in the comfort of her own backyard. The clip — the third in a series of stripped-down “Backyard Sessions” — was filmed before Cyrus underwent the snip heard ’round the world, which makes the former Hannah Montana star look a little softer than she does in her current incarnation. And from her tightly closed eyes and involuntary swaying, you can tell that she really cares about what she’s singing. (As she should; after all, Dolly is Miley’s godmother.) Here, have a look-see:

Miley’s next album will drop in 2013. Will it win her new respect as a vocalist, or just give more ammunition to her critics? Though only time will tell, one thing’s for certain — “Jolene” is a really great song.

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