Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC

With the holidays (and snowstorms, in some parts of the country), it feels like an ideal time to hunker down and marathon TV shows, movies, or books. In fact, 53 percent of readers say marathoning TV shows is their ideal way to spend a lazy afternoon in today’s EW Daily Poll on the homepage. So tell us: What are you currently bingeing on? Maybe you’ll give someone else — either trapped with family or alone — an idea.

We’ll start. My colleague Denise Warner has been watching Grey’s Anatomy all day — “in the background, of course,” she adds, because we’re one of the few EW staffers working. Also on the clock are my colleagues Laura Hertzfeld and Hillary Busis, who are catching up on Scandal and admitting an “embarrassing” yet totally understandable addiction to My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, respectively.

As for me, after a pre-Christmas visit to the Jimmy Stewart Museum in the actor’s hometown of Indiana, PA, I’ve decided to marathon his movies after hours. Last night, I watched 1947’s Magic Town, in which he stars as a public-opinion pollster who discovers that polling the small town of Grandview perfectly predicts the pulse of the nation — which means he’d be able to do his job cheaper and faster. He needs to keep the reason he sets up shop there a secret and for the town to never change, obviously, which puts him at odds with the acting newspaper editor (Jane Wyman), who’s proposing a new town center that will grow Grandview and threaten his mathematical wonder. Of course, they fall for each other, which gets complicated when the truth comes out. There’s a scene in a gymnasium where Stewart’s character, a former basketball great now coaching the local high school, lifts Wyman up as he’s teaching her character how to do a layup. As she slides back down against him, her skirt rises to above her knee and they cling to each other before she pulls away and her skirt drops. I love finding moments like that.