By Erin Strecker
Updated December 24, 2012 at 03:00 PM EST

If it’s December, you can bet that Love Actually is on television.

Since debuting in 2003, the film — filled with all your favorite British actors — has become a modern classic. And whether you’re watching with friends or alone with a bowl of ice cream (no judgment!), chances are there is one plot that you’re just slightly more invested in than the others. During an EW staff meeting last week, it came out that people are pretty passionate defenders of which storylines they to and don’t deem acceptable. Personally, my favorite plot is the one between Colin Firth and Lúcia Moniz. Not only is it the most realistically romantic (he jumps in the pond, but only after her!), but his travels to the restaurant kick off the whole climactic ending of the film. Language isn’t a barrier! Love is universal! What’s not to love?

Check out some other EWers nominations, and then vote for what is the best Love Actually plot below.

Lanford Beard: “I love the plot between Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Joanna (Olivia Olson). It has all the drama and innocence of young love as he pines for her silently. But he’s also cleverly (and adorably) strategic, learning a skill that will help him get closer to her. Plus it ends with a performance of ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ — a song, it’s been scientifically proven, that you can’t go wrong with.”

Deven Persaud: “My favorite plot is between Martin Freeman (John) and Joanna Page (Judy). It’s not terribly realistic, but it’s adorable how shy and timid the two actors are off the set. When Freeman is too shy to kiss Page after their date it shows that even naked actors are just as insecure as every other guy out on a first date.”

Denise Warner: “Bill Nighy as the ‘bad grand-dad of rock and roll’ and Gregor Fisher as his long-suffering manager is my absolute favorite plot from Love Actually for many reasons. First, you get the terribly awesome ‘Christmas is all around.’ Second, the bromance storyline is the only one tolerable when you’re a miserable spinster. And third, Nighy is just entirely delightful. Plus, their plan to ‘get pissed and watch porn’ sounds like the best Christmas (all) around.”

Laura Hertzfeld: “I know it can’t count as a full-on plot but I love Hugh Grant as the prime minister and Billy Bob Thornton as the U.S. president, spoofing Bush and Blair. Who knew it was possible to have Bush era nostalgia?”

Hillary Busis, the dissenter: “Okay, so here’s my (poorly-kept) secret: I hate Love, Actually. I hate it all — the contrived connections between the characters, the fact that it’s nine subplots smushed together because none of them could sustain a whole movie alone, the moment Hugh Grant name-drops 9/11, the indication that women above the age of 35 apparently don’t deserve love, actually. But the worst subplot has to be the one with Juliet (Keira Knightley), Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and Mark (Andrew Lincoln). Mark is a giant jackass to Juliet – but see, it’s just because he loves her so much! Oh, so that immediately excuses his childish and hurtful behavior. And naturally there will be no consequences that affect his relationship with either Juliet or her husband, who happens to be Mark’s best friend. Here, have a kiss under the mistletoe. Worst movie ever.”

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