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December 23, 2012 at 09:53 PM EST

Sometimes it seems like England gets all the cool stuff — The Beatles, texting, Downton Abbey — just a little bit earlier. Back in April, the UK got a glimpse of Ricky Gervais’ new series Derek when a pilot episode aired on England’s Channel 4. Written and directed by Gervais, the mockumentary-style comedy about a nursing home caretaker drew mixed reviews and no small amount of criticism for Gervais’ portrayal of a learning disabled character. Still, the boundary-pushing project got a 2013 series order from Channel 4 and was preemptively picked up by Netflix for Gervais’ US fans — who can finally get their first look at it in a new teaser trailer that the comedian tweeted out yesterday.

The clip introduces the show’s main characters: less-than-sharp nursing home attendant Derek (Gervais), his balding best mate Dougie (Karl Pilkington), their out-of-work friend Kev (David Earl), and his kindhearted coworker Hannah (Kerry Godliman). The mock-doc style and off-the-cuff jibes will be familiar to anyone who’s followed Gervais from The Office to Extras, but Derek also seems to aim for a more melancholy tone than either of those shows. (Made extra clear by The Lumineers’ melancholy-tone-setting “Ho Hey” on the soundtrack.) And lest it all get a little too wistful, Gervais includes some of his beloved alternate-line gags right in the trailer. Because who wants to wait for the DVD to see outtakes anymore?

Check out the teaser below, and then let us know if you’ll be heading to Netflix to watch Derek next year.


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