Albums that didn't impress us

By Kyle Anderson
Updated December 21, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

1. Christina Aguilera
The recipe for this disaster: Muddle middling melodies with epic oversinging, add splash of unearned paranoia, finish with gallon of flop sweat. Don’t serve.

2. Nicki Minaj
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The ReUp
Minaj cashed in her street cred for a bigger wig budget, and The ReUp proved she couldn’t go home again. Soul-less, lazy, and totally unnecessary.

3. Marilyn Manson
Born Villain
Once, he freaked out your parents, incited real conversations about censorship, and actually made good songs; now he’s just another sad goth with a sack of dirges and a melty face.

4. Hank Williams Jr.
Old School New Rules
Politics aside, Old School‘s ham-fisted rabble-rousing was an embarrassment to fans of country, rock, cable-sports theme songs, and any form of subtlety.

5. Kreayshawn
Somethin’ Bout Kreay
Was the “Gucci Gucci” rapper the real deal or just the Weird Al of the Feminem set? The swagless Kreay provided a sad third answer: blog novelty in her 16th minute.