December 21, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

I was a fan of Louis C.K. My best friend, Natasha Lyonne, has a manager who also represents him. Louis sent me an email, and we sat down and read the script together. He wouldn’t even leave it with me; he’s very secretive. The character is kind of a crazy person. I was thinking, ”Is there anybody in my life I can imagine would do something like this?” and there is. She’s a friend of mine. She’s a writer and kind of eccentric. So I felt like I could kind of base her in reality off that girl.

I read the first three scripts for Hit & Miss and I was like, Whoa. After playing Nicki on Big Love, it seemed like an amazing opportunity. It was the hardest thing I’ve done workwise. It was shot like an indie film, so it was really quick. None of the luxury of Big Love and the cushy catering. There was, like, one folding table with a kettle of tea on it. I think all of the budget went to me. I mean, good for me, bad for them.

I was kind of a little disappointed with my character Shelley on American Horror Story: Asylum. I was like, ”Okay, I have six episodes, and three out of the six I was gurgling.” I wanted more to do. I didn’t just wanna be the gurgling monster. Like, I would have rather been Anne Frank or something meatier than just ”Gurgle, gurgle.”

One of the better perks: It took four hours in makeup to get into character?but there were three very kind, handsome makeup-artist men applying it. So there was a fantasy element of having three men touch you at the same time. They said I was one of the best actors they ever worked with. I was the most calm. And I was like, ”Well, who wouldn’t be? This is fabulous!” —Chloë Sevigny

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