December 21, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

I never tire of killing zombies. This is something I relish dearly. Also, don’t forget, I’ve taken out a couple of humans this season as well. The problem is, the lines are blurring a little bit between the walking dead and the walking live. So that’s a bit of a concern.

I remember going on set for the season premiere and seeing a couple of the props guys, and they just looked at me as they gave me my gun and they went, ”You know, in this episode we kill more zombies than in the whole of season 1.” They actually counted the kills! And when it came time for the taking-of-the-courtyard scene, that was just carnage. It really wasn’t that well plotted. We just got sent zombies towards us and we had to improvise stabbing, so it was a bit touch-and-go from time to time.

As for the guy who ate my wife, he should never have got into those prosthetics. At one point in between me stabbing this guy in the stomach during this frenzy, I went, ”Are you okay?” And he goes, ”I’m loving it. You’re doing a great job.” And I remember the camera crew having to yell, ”Cut. Andy, cut! CUT, ANDY!!!” The guy came up to me about a week later and said, ”The bruises are still there. The bruises are still on my stomach from you stabbing me.” And I went, ”Oh my God, I am so sorry. I was in a bit of a dark place.” He was the wrong zombie at the wrong time. Because, c’mon?he ate my wife! —Andrew Lincoln

Season 3 of The Walking Dead returns Feb. 10 on AMC.

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