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Richelle Mead’s The Indigo Spell, the third book in her absolutely phenomenal Bloodlines series, is one of the most anticipated YA books of 2013. After a fair amount of begging, its generous publishers sent Entertainment Weekly an exclusive excerpt of Chapter 2, which of course I’m sharing with all of you fine people.

After her (hot!) dalliance with the irresistible Moroi Adrian in The Golden Lily, Sydney is struggling more and more to stick to her Alchemist teachings. But when she tracks down the former Alchemist Marcus and learns of his rebellion, she dares to hope that she might break free of the life she’s known… and embrace a love she thought to be forbidden. (Readers, my heart started pounding just typing that.) So check out Chapter 2 below, featuring (of course!) the one and only Adrian. Be warned — you may develop a ridiculous grin on your face by the end.

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Is there a more perfect man? Edward Cullen, eat your heart out.

The Indigo Spell will be released on Feb. 12.

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