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One doomsday averted, another one still to come… if you’re a Fringe fan. The series finale of the Fox sci-fi saga is less than a month away, and this time we’re pretty sure the calendar can be trusted. Tonight’s new episode of Fringe is the show’s last outing until Jan. 11, when the two-part, three-hour series swan song begins. If you’re in the market for a tease, we direct you to this image from our recent “Fringe Finale” gallery of photos and intel provided by showrunner J.H. Wyman. (Don’t worry: It’s not a spoiler.)

If you’re interested in more scoop, we can tell you this: The episode — entitled “Anomaly XB — 6783746” — will address, in some fashion, a burning question that Fringe fans have been asking for most of the season. And that Burning Question just happens to be one of the three BQs we recently asked Wyman about when he called us from Vancouver, B.C., where he was getting ready to say goodbye to an iconic set: Walter’s lab. “I keep looking for all of these incredible angles to feature because it’s literally the last time we’ll be seeing the lab,” Wyman told EW. “I was walking around when the lights were out, before everyone came in to start lighting, remembering all of these incredibles scenes that have taken place there. That’s not going to be a good day for me, when we yell ‘CUT!’ on that last shot.” Pause to dab our own eyes…

And now on with the Burning Questions. (And if you want to remain completely spoiler ignorant, skip to the very last paragraph, where we have some news about a Fringe fan event/program timed to the end of the series.)


This season, set in the year 2036, Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Walter (John Noble) have been piecing together clues to a master plan to defeat the oppressive time-traveling Observers that now rule the world, a peculiar scheme designed by Walter in collaboration with a mysterious ally named Donald. Walter can’t remember the plan or Donald, as the memories were eradicated by the cruel Captain Windmark (Michael Kopsa). Asked for some more insight into Donald, Wyman just laughed: “You will understand more about Donald soon enough.” He hints that Donald is “important, plot wise” but declined to say when we’ll meet him – or if we already have.


Walter’s longtime frenemy, played by Leonard Nimoy, played a major role in last season’s storyline, in which the mad scientist tried to destroy the world so he could create a new one. Here in Fringelandia 2036, Bell was last seen sealed in amber, although his severed hand recently played a critical role in retrieving an element of the master plan. “I’m going to be honest, because I don’t want to give people false hope,” says Wyman. “Leonard was such a huge part of the program and so iconic, and I think he was used in the best possible way. This season for me was about resolving our core characters. Because we only had so many episodes, and not 22, I had to be really particular about what stories had to be wrapped up. It came down to focusing on the people that fans really love. Yes, they love all the peripheral characters, and I love them, too, and we’ll try to get to a number of them. But as far as the Bell storyline goes, I thought it was answered.” Wyman adds that he wants to provide as much resolution as possible in Fringe’s remaining episodes, but a few, unspecified aspects of the mythology will be left to the imagination – and it sounds like Bell’s final fate could be one of them.


“They won’t,” laughs Wyman. Yes, he gets that this bit of business has been somewhat implausible. But he hopes fans can accept it with the implicit wink that it contains. “I really loved the escapism of it all, the idea that they were hiding in the belly of the beast. Look, I watched Hogan’s Heroes for many years, and I could roll with the idea that Col. Klink never knew what Hogan was hiding under the barracks. I thought it was a really cool, fun idea.”

Speaking of nifty ideas: The folks at Fox and Bad Robot have brainstormed a cool, fun way to commemorate the end of Fringe. They’re asking fans to vote for their five favorite Fringe moments. Those moments will then be re-imagined as pieces of art, which will then be turned into posters that fans can purchase, courtesy of Gallery1988, which executed a similar project for the last season of Lost. Proceeds will benefit The Mission Continues, a service organization comprised of military veterans dedicated to working in communities across the nation. The artwork will also be exhibited at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Calif. beginning Jan. 9.

We’re curious to know which moments you’d include in your Fringe top five. After you vote, come back and tell us in the comments below.

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