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MAX: Adam Pally
”Vanity is out the window. Any thought of ‘Is this going to be stupid? Is this going to look good?’ — it’s all gone. You’ve just got to be game for all of that. Luckily enough, I don’t understand the emotion of embarrassment, so it works out great.”

DAVE: Zachary Knighton
”I have come up with this idea that Dave is this weird mash-up of all the characters on the show. He’s an earnest guy and he picks up these characteristics from his friends. He’s a little bit dumb, but he can be quick-witted like Max. He’s a filthy, stinking stew of all the characters on Happy Endings.”

JANE: Eliza Couple
”I grew up in New England, and I pretty much channel my WASPy mother, aunts, and grandmother, and how they just are Jane. Everything is the most cutting thing that someone could say, wrapped up in a really sweet, sweet way. Wrapped very tightly. I mean, that ribbon is not to be messed with.”

BRAD: Damon Wayans Jr.
”Brad is like a woman, but he likes women. So I just channel my inner lesbian.”

Penny: Casey Wilson
”The idea for Penny is moving forward at all costs. She is not brought down by anything — certainly not her own personal failures. An optimism drives the character…. Also, I let go of all personal pride and sense of my body and space.”

ALEX: Elisha Cuthbert
”Enthusiasm. I don’t ever approach her as a dumb character, though I know a lot of people could describe her that way. The secret is to stay enthusiastic and not try to dumb down any of it.”

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