December 21, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Whether you first heard “Ho Hey” on the radio, during a Hart of Dixie episode, or in a Bing commercial, it surely wasn’t your last run-in with the song. The foot-stomping, hand-clapping hit helped finger-pluck the Lumineers out of obscurity (a.k.a. Denver) and into Top 40 ubiquity. Boosted by that now-platinum single, the Colorado trio — Wesley Schultz, 29, Jeremiah Fraites, 26, and Neyla Pekarek, 26 — have found themselves at the front of the current folk-rock boom, touring in front of sold-out theaters and getting name-dropped on ABC’s country drama Nashville. “Our musician friends back home joke about not being able to get away from us,” says frontman Schultz. “Every time they go on YouTube or watch TV, they complain about our song coming on.” They’d better get used to it: Just this month the Lumineers snagged two Grammy nominations, including one for Best New Artist. Although the band has been at it for seven years now, all these kudos are keeping them busier than ever. “It’s like we’ve been in a car with all these miles traveled, but we were only moving at 10 miles per hour,” Schultz says. “But now the car’s going 60.”

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