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The Heat is a movie about very important issues in American culture, like the neverending battle between the feds and the cops, or the neverending battle between straight-laced law enforcers and their lone-wolf loose-cannon lethal-weapon partners. In this latest rendition of a tale as old as time, Sandra Bullock plays the Fed in Spanx, Melissa McCarthy plays the cop who plays by her own rules, and the new red-band trailer for the film features the two of them doing lots of hilariously NSFW things. You ever wanted to hear how Bullock says “motherf—-r?” She says it in this trailer. And it sounds awesome. Keep an eye out for Thomas F. Wilson, a.k.a. Biff Tannen, as a police captain. Watch the trailer:

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The Heat

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  • R
  • 116 minutes
  • Paul Feig