Shades Of Earth

Houston, we have a cool book promotion. Beth Revis’ Across the Universe series comes to a close Jan. 15 with Shades of Earth. To celebrate the third and final book in the series, Revis has partnered with Penguin for a literal book launch. If fans pre-order more copies of Shades of Earth than they did for books one and two combined, they will launch a copy of Across the Universe into space. (Picture something similar to this.) Watch Revis explain the promotional campaign after the jump.

Here’s the official description of Shades of Earth: “When Amy and Elder ground the spaceship Godspeed on dangerous Centauri-Earth, they find the planet holds murderous pterodactyl-like birds and an even greater life force determinedly attacking their colony. Amy and Elder learn whether our basic humanity is a birthright, and just how far their love, and their passion, will take them.”

Are you excited for the conclusion of Revis’ trilogy? And will you be pre-ordering your copy to send a book into space? Sound off in the comments.

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