Did Samuel L. Jackson really lob an f-bomb on Saturday Night Live last weekend — or did he actually just say “fuh,” like he’s asserted since the incident?

Judging by video from the live telecast, it sure sounds like there was a “k” after that “fuh” — but according to the curse-happy actor, the only reason we’re questioning him is because SNL cast member Kenan Thompson didn’t cut him off fast enough during the sketch. (Warning: Sensitive language ahead, naturally.)

Jackson repeated this claim when Jimmy Kimmel asked him about the “phantom” f-bomb on his show last night. “He was supposed to cut me off,” the Django Unchained star told Kimmel, giving an exaggerated shrug when Kimmel asked if he thinks the whole thing is actually Kenan’s fault.

“I’m just saying, I’m used to working with professionals that know their lines,” Jackson continued as the audience “ooo”‘d like a bunch of Jerry Springer fans. “Even the ones that are written on cue cards in front of you.”

Ouch! Guess this means Jackson won’t be starring as Thompson’s disapproving dad in the sequel to Good Burger I just made up. (He does, however, admit to saying “bulls–t” on air, though that was probably Kenan’s fault as well.) Who’s right and who’s wrong? Judge for yourself:

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