By Ray Rahman
December 19, 2012 at 07:27 PM EST
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Call her the Gene Genene?

In an unexpected bit of news today, Glide Magazine is reporting that Aaron Freeman, also know as Gene Ween of the long-running band Ween, is undergoing a sex change.

The story came about after Freeman posted a song called “Genene” (which you can listen to below) on his personal Soundcloud page. Freeman, who’d left Ween earlier this year and released a solo album titled Marvelous Clouds, told Glide that he was in Belgium for “a transformative procedure.”

Nonetheless, Freeman went on to discuss with Glide what was up with the the new track.

“This song is left to interpretation on purpose,” he said of “Genene,” which may or may not also be the new name Freeman is adopting. “To me, it’s just an honest song about where I’m at: creepy, real and pretty, just the way I like it.”

Freeman also added, “On one hand it’s about change and acceptance on a personal, spiritual level but can obviously be interpreted literally as a sex change.”

Update: Ween’s longtime manager Greg Frey, however, tells EW that Freeman’s was likely pulling Glide’s leg, and that he doubts that the sex-change story is true.

You can give the track a spin below:

If Freeman isn’t pulling a prank, he wouldn’t be the only notable artist to announce a sex change in 2012. Earlier this year, Tom Gabel of Against Me! started a new life as Laura Jane Grace, and director Larry Wachowski came out as Lana Wachowski.


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