Merry Christmas, Gleeks.

If you were disappointed by last week’s Christmas episode, Glee creator Ryan Murphy may have something to make it all better (but no, Kurt and Blaine don’t seem to be getting back together anytime soon). Murphy tweeted out the above photo over the weekend, along with the message, “Merry Christmas. Men of McKinley calendar coming soon…”

EW reached out to a rep for Glee to confirm, who told us it isn’t a joke and that it’s part of an upcoming episode. I have approximately one million follow-up questions: Why wasn’t this in the Christmas episode? Does the cast goof around on Photoshop between shooting “Gangnam Style“? Is it just a wee bit creepy that Murphy is teasing a sexy calendar featuring a bunch of twenty-something guys who play teenagers on the show? (There was serious outcry when a photoshoot happened with the ladies). Not to be the world’s creepiest Nancy Drew, but in other well-publicized pictures, Criss looked a lot different. It’s The Case of the Missing Chest Hair!

Now, Glee is not exactly known for keeping its show strictly realistic. So with that in mind, let’s brainstorm some ideas about how a Men of McKinley calendar may or may not fit into an upcoming plot:

1. Two words: Bake Sale. A few more words: They aren’t allowed to have a bake sale because of some new rule by Principal Figgins so the gang releases “sexy” photos to raise money for Glee club (all shot by auteur Artie).

2. It’s a Finn dream sequence that concludes with him realizing he needs to get out of McKinley High and stop pretending to be Schu. Now.

3. Blaine texts this to Kurt as a followup to their ice skating “date” in another attempt to get him back. Kurt responds with Taylor Swift lyrics.

4. We’re looking at some blackmail to get Blaine back on the Warblers. The pictures were taken a while ago (He was young! He didn’t know!) and now Sebastian and Co. are threatening exposure if he doesn’t don a Warbler blazer again. They also inexplicably have photos of the other McKinley kids (we all know Sam used to strip…)

5. It doesn’t relate to any larger plot at all. One day, there is just a Men of McKinley calendar on Brittany’s wall during Lord Tubbington’s show Fondue for Two. No further explanation is given.

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