Alicia Keyes
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Film Magic

Alicia Keys’ single “Girl on Fire” already has five credited songwriters (including ’80s rocker Billy Squier, whose drum track for “The Big Beat” appears underneath “Girl on Fire”) — and now it may need to add a sixth.

Songwriter Earl Shuman is suing Keys over “Girl On Fire,” claiming it borrows elements from “Hey There Lonely Girl,” a song he co-wrote with Leon Carr for Eddie Holman.

“Hey There Lonely Girl” was a huge hit for R&B singer Holman in 1970, peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. Give a listen to both below and decide for yourself if Shuman has a case.

Eddie Holman, “Hey There Lonely Girl”

Alicia Keys, “Girl On Fire”

What do you think? Did you spot the use of “Hey There Lonely Girl” in “Girl On Fire”? Does Shuman have a legit case?

You can clearly hear the bit of the melody of “Hey There Lonely Girl” dropped in there for a few seconds, but does that constitute a true lift? Let us know what you think in the comments below.