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Updated December 17, 2012 at 05:39 PM EST
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Though the economy is tanking, sales of nail color increased a whopping 70% in the period between January and June of 2012 — call it the “Nail Polish Effect” — so it’s hardly a surprise that lacquer brands are introducing new shades faster than it takes a topcoat to dry. The beauty boom happens to coincide with increased licensing efforts tied to popular entertainment franchises (The Good Wife furniture, Banana Republic’s Mad Men clothing and the forthcoming 50 Shades of Grey jewelry line), which probably explains the recent onslaught of movie and TV-themed nail polish collections.

But while shades based on The Hunger Games 12 Districts, Skyfall‘s Severine and more of 007’s Bond Girls, and even the “Let it Bleed” red in HSN’s True Blood beauty line, the new Modern Family nail polish collection has got me stumped. If this continues, it won’t be long before Sephora is stocking a polish line inspired by Homeland, so I’m putting my (well-manicured) foot down now.

Modern Family is a series that has a massive following. In partnering with Nicole by OPI, we’re not only able to reach our show’s large fan base, but deliver a product that captures the trend-forward elements and unique characteristics of the series,” Jeffrey Godsick, President of Fox Consumer Products, was quoted as saying said in a press release announcing the collaboration, a line of 14 character-inspired colors.

Can someone please explain what’s “trend-forward” about nail polish inspired by Jay (the “inflexibly cool” “My Jay or the Highway!”), Luke (a gunmetal glitter shade called “Luke of the Draw”) and Manny (“Stand by Your Manny” periwinkle blue)? Will faithful members of the Family audience make a beeline to their local salons and ask for a “What’s the Mitch-uation?” mani/pedi?

Sure, they found success with the Glee-themed polish collection, but Fox Consumer Products must have been high on fumes when they came up with this idea. Wouldn’t a New Girl nail polish — Zooey Deschanel is the poster child for wacky manicures! — have made more sense?

Tell us: Would you get a Modern Family manicure? What movie or TV show would make for a cool nail polish line?

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