A first trailer for Smurfs 2 comes out later today, but EW has an early peek for those true-blue little kid fans in your life.

Here we see two new characters known as the Naughties, living up to their names, and trying to get Smurfette to leave the “nice” list behind.

Check out the trailer below:

The little gray troublemakers are the magical creations of Gargamel (Hank Azaria), who designed them to help track the Smurfs on their own level. Christina Ricci voices Vexy and JB Smoove is Hackus, and Smurfette — again voiced by Katy Perry — has a kind of natural affinity for them.

She was, after all, a creation of Gargamel, too. Smurfs creator Peyo introduced her in his comic books as a black-haired little imp who was only transformed into her present blue-and-blonde state when Papa Smurf saw the good in her and used a spell to make her one of their own.

Smurfette is inclined to see the good in people (or, whatever these things are). So when she meets Hackus and Vexy, she isn’t as careful as she might be.

“Good-hearted Smurfette comes to the Naughties’ aid when a candy store romp goes too far,” says director Raja Gosnell, explaining the context of this shot. “Unbeknownst to Smurfette, that was all part of Vexy’s mischievous plan.”

See, if Smurfette joins them in going bad, maybe she transforms back into her original form. That would lead to a rescue from the other Smurfs … and Gargamel’s trap is set.

Smurfs 2 opens July 31.

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