By EW Staff
Updated December 17, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty with’s Must List app.

Here are a few common issues and their fixes.
(Having trouble with the Entertainment Weekly magazine app? Click here or call our tablet specific customer service number- 1-866-772-8791)

Content isn’t loading
If content doesn’t appear to be loading please check the reload icon to see if it is highlighted.



The app must download the most recent data when opened, this takes a varying amount of time depending on the speed of your internet connection. If the icon is highlighted please wait for the app to finish downloading.

Navigation arrows are missing/not working



If you aren’t seeing arrow to navigate to alternate weeks it means the application has not yet downloaded the content for those weeks. When the app is launched it downloads the most recent content and then backfills in reverse chronological order for the previous 6 weeks (downloads this week first, then last week, then two weeks ago, etc.) Once the data has been downloaded the arrows will appear.

‘Not connected to the internet’ message
On occasion the app displays a ‘Not connected to the internet’ message when attempting to enter certain sections of the app even though you are connected to the internet. This error occurs when no picks have been made in a category in the last six weeks.

How can I turn off the weekly alert?
This is controlled outside of the Must List app. To turn alerts on/off, go to Settings > Notifications and find EW Must List in your list of apps (make sure to check both the In Notification Center or Not In Notification Center” lists). Tap the app to open, then under Alert Style, select None.

Still not working?
If you are still having issues please ensure you meet the minimum requirements to run the Must List app:

Are you are using the most current version of the app?
Launch the App Store on your device to see if there is an update available

Is your device is running iOS 5.0 or higher?
You can check this by following this path: Settings > General > About > Software Update

If upgrading your OS and/or the app does not fix your issue, or if you are having a different problem then described above please fill out the form below so we can help you troubleshoot your issue