By Solvej Schou
December 17, 2012 at 09:21 PM EST
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Swiftly nipping a fanboy-fueled web rumor in the bud, Michael Bay has publicly denied that a Transformers 4 script has been leaked. writer Steve Lemlek posted earlier Monday that 120 pages of the anticipated script had surfaced, according to an unnamed source, with the big baddie villain named as chaos-loving robot Unicron.

Transformers 4 director Bay, who has been working with past Transformers sequels screenplay writer Ehren Kruger, responded with a resounding “WRONG!”

“Some Internet sites this morning reported that some document recovery guy has found a legitimate 120 page script of Transformers 4. I can absolutely 100 percent say this is completely false,” said Bay in a statement from Paramount Pictures. “The only two people in the world that have our unfinished script are Kruger and myself. Also we are only up to page 70 in our T4 script. Maybe this guy has a cartoon or something else – but definitely not our movie!”

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