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The first episode of Deception, NBC’s new hour-long drama/murder mystery officially premieres Monday, Jan. 7, but like many new shows these days, the network has posted the first episode free on iTunes. The show kicks off with the murder of Vivian Bowers, a tabloid-friendly socialite and an heir to a huge pharmaceutical fortune. Although her death is first reported as a drug overdose, the FBI believes it to be murder. They recruit Bowers’ old friend, detective Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good), to secretly investigate because of her close relationship with the family. Read my quick thoughts on the premiere and check out two clips below.

1.) Victor Garber returns! Any excuse to watch Garber onscreen is a treat. He plays the victim’s father Robert Bowers, and of the family, seems to be the only one who is excited that Joanna is back in their lives. Rules of murder mysteries tell me he’ll probably become much more suspicious in later episodes.

2.) So does Tate Donovan. It’s Jimmy Cooper, fresh from Argo. Another TV favorite, Donovan portrays the murdered Vivian’s oldest brother Edward, and right out of the gate, seems to be hiding the most. He’s already threatened Joanna and had a bunch of “secret” conversations so he’s either definitely guilty, or will be helping Joanna the most as the show continues. My money is definitely on him being guilty of something, but probably not Vivian’s murder.

Check out both actors during one very tense dinner:

3.) Spy vans are all the rage. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Homeland, but fully decked out spy vans are now everywhere. When Joanna goes undercover, two other guys are camped out in the fan, listening to and recording every word.

4.) There is already a love triangle brewing. We’ve got the beginnings of a great one between Joanna, Vivian’s other brother Julian (Wes Brown) who Joanna used to have a crush on as a teen, and Joanna’s police department ex.

Watch Joanna and the brother get their flirt on:

5.) Multiple mysteries are going on at once. Much like The Killing, which also had a seasons-long whodunnit that revolved around a bigger, political scandal, Deception is juggling the murder mystery as part of a possible much larger conspiracy. The fact that someone dies in the pilot right as they are about to meet with Joanna shows that Vivian’s death is anything but a tragic drug overdose.

Have you watched the premiere? The revelation during the last thirty seconds has me roped in for at least a couple more episodes — agreed?

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