Yesterday we told you how the nonprofit, cult movie-loving cinema Cinefamily had convinced Robert Downey Jr. to attend the 2nd Annual Fantastic, Elastic 24-Hour Holiday Telethon and to open a time capsule which had been mysteriously left for him at the organization’s base, the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles. Well, it turns out the Avengers and Sherlock Holmes star did much more than that when he turned up on Saturday afternoon to appear on the telethon, which is raising money to buy a new digital projector, among other things, and to upgrade its live music sound system.

“To our surprise and delight Robert Downey Jr. pledged to take care of our projector and sound needs,” Cinefamily spokesperson Mya Stark tells EW. “He is now the official coolest movie star ever in the history of the universe. And, we probably get to re-do our retrospective of his dad’s films. There is also a double joy in this — with the mission critical stuff covered by RDJ, we’re free to use the Kickstarter for our annual fund for programming next year and what our audience has been dreaming of probably since the theater opened: Acceptable seats.”

As for the time capsule, Stark revealed that it contained what you might imagine a time capsule left for Robert Downey Jr. would contain: “It was all stuff a bunch of fans left for him — a doll of himself, a VHS of Heart and Souls, a calendar of him, mix tapes, letters. Insane.”

There is still (just barely) time to watch a live stream of the telethon at the Cinefamily website or you can make a donation at the nonprofit’s Kickstarter page.

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