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It was 80-degrees and humid when the cast and crew from Royal Pains suited up in big coats and sweaters to film their TV movie event, airing this Sunday on USA. But star Mark Feuerstein, who plays Hank on the long-running drama, says the film captures the spirit of the holidays nonetheless.

“The stories had to be so epic so as to cover a two-hour event instead of your typical one-hour episode of Royal Pains, and the writers, who had a great challenge with this episode because it’s totally outside the normal format, knocked it out of the park,” he says.

In the movie, Evan and Paige are headed for the altar, but the road to marriage proves to be a rocky one for the couple, played Paulo Costanzo and Brooke D’Orsay. Meanwhile, Hank deals with some major medical problems associated with the explosion viewers saw in the season finale this summer. And Divya (Reshma Shetty) has some interesting romantic developments. For a preview of all the fun, check out five teases from Feuerstein.


Throughout the movie, a series of flashbacks help contextualize some of the issues currently facing the gang. Among the things we see? Evan’s shady professional past and Hank’s complicated romantic history with former girlfriend Winnie (Emma Caufield). “This movie event — in the moments that go on for my character — is as dark and deep and moving as it’s ever been, I feel,” Feuerstein says. “In a sense, the flashbacks are a glimpse of the Hank who was somewhat tainted when he left Winnie and when they broke up. And it reflects back to the Hank of [the present], who has — as everyone does in life — come full circle.”

Hello, Jill!

Hanks former major love interest Jill (Jill Flint) does show up in this episode, and while we can’t spoil the exact nature of her appearance, we can say that it functions as a good reminder of her continuing presence in Hank’s life. “Shows that are predicated on one Ross-and-Rachel-type relationship often fail…people don’t just want to watch the writers come up with obstacles and bring them back together every few weeks. People want to watch a believable conflict,” he says. “We are no longer together, but the writers do a good job of keeping viewers aware of her.”

Medical issues

The fallout from the finale explosion is very much addressed in the movie. Aside from everyone believing Boris is dead, we see Hank struggle with headaches and other symptoms — all of which signal he may not be as healed from his injuries as he had been leading on. “I’ve always wondered if the writers would give Hank a medical issue and [whether] would it be one like James Franco in [127 Hours], with him operating on himself,” he jokes. “But in this case, Hank’s got some residual issues with his head that may or may not get solved by the end of the movie event. I think the writers do a very good job of keeping that alive and not necessarily answering all the questions.”

Divya’s matters of the heart

Over the years, many Divya fans have wondered if the sweet doc would ever find The One. But with a few failed relationships under her belt, prepare yourself for a big development. “I think the writers did a great job teasing the romantic possibilities between Divya and Dr. Sacani,” says Feuerstein, but viewers might be left wondering if that will ever “come to be, given other possible romantic things that happen in the movie event that I don’t want to reveal.”

Evan and Paige’s big (troublesome) day

A storm, a dress delay, a box of dead butterflies, and much more threaten to derail Paige’s big day, but ultimately, as EW showed you a few weeks back, Evan and Paige will tie the knot! But what the movie event does is set the stage for what comes next, says Feuerstein. “We intend to spend season 5 and 6 — which we’ve already been picked up for — exploring this next chapter,” he says. “Hank [is] ready to find the woman of his dreams, and Evan has found [his] and will now live his life with her.”


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