Degrassi Las Vegas
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It's a[nother] Degrassi wedding!

Well, sort of. Well — spoiler alert! — not at all. Though Drew and Bianca journeyed to Vegas intending to get hitched, second thoughts ended up prompting the lovebirds to wait until they can throw a real wedding that doesn't take place in a cheap, Sin City chapel.

At least Drianca escaped from Vegas with their relationship intact. For a moment, it looked like Drew's need to get his mother's approval was going to prompt a lasting breakup. When Audra showed up at the chapel to stop her son from making a big mistake, Bianca bailed, saying that she knew she'd never be enough for Drew. (Wait a tick — I thought Audra told Bianca that she's the one who's too good for Drew.) Luckily, musical numbers heal all wounds — all Drew had to do to win Bianca back was don a glittery gold Elvis suit and draft his friends to help him perform a romantic cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love." Even the gang's new drag queen pals got in on the action! The sequence wasn't quite as amazing as Dallas's insta-classic "rap-pology," but I'd still rank it among this season's sweetest moments.

Less sweet: The Katie subplot, in which the soccer-star-turned-painkiller-addict-turned-rooftop-gardener contemplated prostitution. Yup. Degrassi has sort of gone to this well before — remember when Mia slept with that skeezy guy to get a modeling job? — but it's never been so blatant about a character literally being paid to sleep with someone. Let's back up. When Katie, Marisol, Jake, and Mo saw that their flight to Puerto Vallarta had been canceled, they didn't just shrug and book another flight to Mexico. Instead, they decided to take a plane to — guess where — Vegas, making for some very awkward onboard encounters with Bianca and Drew. (Fiona and Imogen were also there, mostly giggling and not speaking.)

Once in Vegas, Katie snuck into a casino and started counting cards, determined to use her savings to drum up enough money to pay for Stanford's tuition. (Because there are no college loans available to financially needy characters on TV shows, ever.) Though the plan backfired, Katie did end up with something: A business card for one Darrin Howe, "bad-ass billionaire" and founder of FaceRange, the cooler successor to MyRoom. When Katie visited Darrin the next day, he offered to give her back the $5,000 she had lost if she'd spend the day with him. Katie went along with the dotcommer, since he was cute and seemingly charming — until he admitted that he was plying her with dresses and private concerts because he wanted to have sex with her. And if she did it, he'd give her enough money for a whole year at Stanford.

It would have been too much even for Degrassi if Katie had gone through with Darrin's indecent proposal. So she got close, but ended up not closing the deal — although she and Jake are now kaput, so who knows if fake Zuckerberg will turn up again next season.

And that's a wrap on season 12! How did you like waking up in Vegas with Degrassi?

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