Episode 601

If there is one takeaway here, it’s that Mandy Patinkin is not Saul Berenson.

The actor swung by Good Day NY on Wednesday to discuss the Homeland finale airing on Sunday, but then something even more exciting than terrorists working with the CIA happened: anchor Dave Price had to slip away mid-interview because his wife was having a baby…and that was simply the greatest, most overwhelming news Patinkin had ever heard.

Just a sampling of his exclamations: “Oh my God, how thrilling!” “Oh my God, that’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever had happen!” “To hell with me, let’s cut away to the hospital!” “This is the most exciting show I’ve ever been on, a baby is being born!”

The co-anchor tried to turn the interview back to getting some Homeland intel, but Patinkin was not having it at all and just had more questions: Boy or girl? Was this his first child? He also seemed overwhelmed and concerned about how viewers would find out if the baby was OK. The whole thing was incredibly endearing and makes me more concerned than ever about Saul’s finale fate. I need Patinkin on my television.

Watch his escalating excitement below (whenever you think it’s over, a new wave of joy hits!):

And yes, GDNY updated their website with the happy baby news. Hopefully someone also clued in Patinkin.

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Episode 601
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