Stock up on tissues, for the end is near. Over the past two weeks Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, and the other stars of Fox's sci-fi saga have been shooting the show's two-hour series finale, which will air Jan. 18 at 8 p.m. Showrunner J.H. Wyman shares these behind-the-scenes photos (and teases) from the last episode of Fringe's fifth and final season.

By Jeff Jensen
Updated December 14, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST
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Heroes in love Olivia (Torv) and Peter (Jackson) infiltrate an underground facility filled with contaminated air during the final two hours. Wyman says this image symbolizes their relationship (together, despite toxic circumstances) and that ”this photo reminds you that Olivia is badass. Always has been.”

This season, Fringe has transformed the show’s background-lurking Observers into menacing foreground villains. Says Wyman: ”Seeing an Observer get a touch-up was, for me, interesting, because they’re always hard and inhuman. But even they can crack a little bit.” How about the melted makeup on the face of the Observer below? ”He’s going to get much worse than what you see,” says Wyman. ”By the end, you’ll look back on this photo and consider him handsome.”

What’s going to happen to the Observers? Wyman promises to wrap the season-long war against the creepy besuited characters ”in a very meaningful and bombastic way.”

Fringe shoots in Vancouver, where a picture-perfect backdrop is rare, yet Wyman needed one for a key shot in the finale. Making the most of a sun break, the showrunner snapped this candid photo of star John Noble, ”because the whole moment embodied the hope of Fringe and his character, the idea that lighter skies are off in the horizon, within reach.”

The creative mission of the finale is to leave viewers ”with a spirit of hope,” says Wyman. ”The finale answers a lot of questions and recontextualizes the series in a great way.”

Peter and Olivia hook up with a member of the Resistance to execute ”an important part of their plan,” says Wyman, who declined to elaborate further.

Devilish Little Details
Three ominous on-set clues hint at an explosive, mind-blowing series finale.

Mystery Boxes
Wyman won’t reveal what’s inside these containers (labeled ”DEPT OF DEFENSE”), except to say: ”That’s the place where the secrets are kept.”

Suitcase Bomb?
”No,” clarifies Wyman. ”That’s a device you’re going to see in episode 10 [airing Dec. 21], and [it] remains in play throughout the end. It’s very cool.”

The Hot Seat
Captain Windmark (Michael Kopsa) tortured Walter (John Noble) in this chair in the season premiere. ”You’ll be seeing that chair again in the finale,” teases Wyman.

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