By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated December 13, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
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At the end of last week’s Scandal, with President Fitzgerald (Tony Goldwyn) still fighting for his life, Vice President Sally Langston (Kate Burton) snaked her way through a number of loopholes to become the first female Commander-in-chief. Oh, and then there was that little issue of HUCK POSSIBLY BEING THE PERSON WHO SHOT THE PRESIDENT.

Yes, Scandal is heating up and going into tonight’s midseason finale, the show will reach full boil, says Dan Bucatinsky, who plays James, a political journalist and longtime partner to the president’s chief of staff, Cyrus (Jeff Perry). “What happens to Cyrus is going to impact James when the VP takes oath,” says the actor, who is also a consulting producer on Grey’s Anatomy. “[Cyrus] is the chief-of-staff for Fitz, but not necessarily the chief-of-staff to [Langston].” And that’s just the start of the conflicts that arise in this episode.

As James continues his search for the truth about the voting fraud that took place during the presidential election, Bucatinsky says his character is “in a precarious position.” Breaking this story wide open will not only cause a host of huge problems for his spouse, but it also directly endangers James’s chances of ever having a family with Cyrus.”These two things are at odds with each other because [he has] to give up one to get the other — or maybe not,” he says. “I wonder if, ultimately, we end up with both or neither.”

For Bucatinsky, who in real life wrote a book about adopting his children along with husband Don Roos, James’ desire to start a family is a story with which he is familiar but says he enjoys seeing how additional complications facing James and Cyrus turn an increasingly common tale into exciting drama. “I do love that it’s so layered. Forget the fact that it’s a gay relationship, it’s just a very interesting, complicated marriage of two people,” he says. “I think seeing what happens to Cyrus, and then, by association, to his spouse…is going to be very nail-biting [for viewers]. It’s going to be fun.”

Scandal‘s midseason finale, airing tonight, will also answer many of the questions fans had regarding Huck’s involvement with the shooting of the president. For more on that, make sure you come back to InsideTV after the episode airs for our chat with Guillermo Diaz.

Can’t wait? For more Scandal, check out some of the behind the scenes videos cast member Josh Malina has captured for us so far this season:


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