Sirius Newton John Travolta
Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

All was merry and bright at SiriusXM yesterday, when John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John stopped by for a town-hall event in the satellite radio giant’s human terrarium. The pair beamed, complimented each other, and discussed both their careers and their new Christmas album, all while snugly encased in a plastic-walled room within Sirius’s New York headquarters. They were clearly delighted to be in each others’ company — and in the company of Didi “Frenchy” Conn, who moderated the event (and even did the Hand Jive to entertain the audience before it began).

Unsurprisingly, the giddy fans from New Jersey, Staten Island, and Brooklyn who got to ask Travolta and Newton-John questions weren’t quite as probing as certain people were after seeing the music video for John and Olivia’s new Christmas single, “I Think You Might Like It.” (Travolta boasted that he’s heard the clip called “the video you have to see and can’t stop watching.” Agreed.) But Travolta did make one tantalizing statement when asked if he and Newton-John might ever star in another movie together:

“I have an idea for that,” the Oscar nominee began. “Instead of the video — Olivia’s schedule didn’t permit it, but we were going to do an old-fashioned TV special. And then we thought, maybe a remake of White Christmas or something would be even more fun. So you know, we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens. But this is a great foundation for that.”

Intriguing! Can’t you just see John and Olivia as a modern day Crosby and Clooney, wearing matching Christmas sweaters, sipping cocoa, and crooning on the same piano bench? Anything they did together would become an instant cheesy Christmas classic, but especially if they actually mounted a remake of one of the season’s most beloved movies. Check out their rendition of “White Christmas” below — then wish on a snowflake for this to happen in time for Xmas 2013.

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