Storage Wars might be faked. But the first set of ratings data since a blockbuster lawsuit accused the show of fraud suggests fans might not care.

Tuesday night’s back-to-back episodes of the A&E’s reality hit were right on par with the previous week. Storage Wars averaged 4 million viewers across the 9 p.m. hour. The prior week averaged … 4 million viewers.

Former castmember Dave Hester accused the network and the show’s production company of wrongful termination yesterday, saying he was fired after complaining that producers “salted” storage units with valuables for cast members to discover.

Fans online reacted with a mix of disappointment and the usual cynically dismissive, “What do you expect from a ‘reality’ show?”

The Storage Wars claim seemed like it might make a ratings dent, since pre-stocking the units would make the drama seem kinda pointless, if true. Yet other show have thrived despite convincing accusations of fakery. TLC’s Breaking Amish wasn’t hurt by the network admitting aspects of the show weren’t accurate. And MTV’s The Hills continued for years despite fans assuming it was mostly scripted.

The numbers just represent the first couple episodes since the news broke, so maybe ratings will shift in the coming weeks. So far, however, A&E looks like it doesn’t have much to worry about (aside from fighting a lawsuit).