How does Amanda Seyfried keep herself from feeling misérable while doing press? One word: booze.

During an appearance on the Late Show last night, the Les Mis star explained that while filming the musical, she and her castmates had to live “like monks” in order to protect their voices. That meant constant water guzzling, early bedtimes, and most importantly, no drinking. Now, though, all bets are off: “I’m pretty drunk,” she told David Letterman matter-of-factly when he asked if she’d had a tipple before coming on the show.

Wait, seriously? Yes — as their chat continued, it seemed pretty apparent that Seyfried was, in fact, pretty tipsy. When you’re that tiny and down three glasses of whiskey, the alcohol’s effects have to be fairly strong.

But all things considered, Seyfried held herself together well, only occasionally stumbling over her words as she explained that she never does a live show “after noon without some sort of liquid courage.” The conversation took a bit of a dark turn when Seyfried joked, “I understand that I have a problem maybe, but you know? It really gets me through.”

Letterman both mitigated and compounded the awkwardness by telling the actress that he was “a horrible alcoholic” until he was 33 or so… then sharing some Jameson with her as the segment ended. Betty Ford so would not approve.

Raise a glass — it’s nearly 5 o’clock in Beirut! — and toast to Seyfried’s vino veritas below:

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