By Jeff Labrecque
Updated December 11, 2012 at 02:33 PM EST
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Breaking news… author Lee Child’s literary hero Jack Reacher is still six-feet, five-inches tall. And Tom Cruise is still not.

Ever since Cruise was announced to star in a film adaptation of Child’s best-seller, One Shot, some fans of the Reacher novels have dwelled on the fact that Cruise is… well, more point-guard than power-forward. When the Mission: Impossible star introduced the first footage of the Reacher movie at CinemaCon in May, he prefaced the clip by saying, “For those of you who know the books, I’m obviously not 6-foot-5, like Jack Reacher. But Lee felt that I was the right guy to drive fast cars and kick the s–t out of people onscreen.”

But until the movie opens on Dec. 21, Cruise is doomed to answer questions about it. At last night’s London premiere, he explained that Reacher’s size was a “characteristic” rather than a “character,” according to Reuters. “You know, [Child] created the character, I had my own opinion that I didn’t say to Lee, and then he came back and pretty much reflected what I had felt about it,” Cruise said. “But had he said ‘look I’d rather not’, I would not have played the character.”

Watch the Associated Press’s video clip of Cruise discussing Reacher on the red carpet.

Can we all agree to just wait for the movie? That seemed to be a sound strategy when producers dared to cast a blonde Bond before Casino Royale, no?

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