If you’re really missing Community on NBC these days, why not ease off the fast-forward button on the ol’ DVR and feast your eyes upon Chevy Chase in the latest batch of Old Navy commercials! Said nobody, because these commercials are kind of sad. But check them out for yourselves…

You’ve likely already seen this one, “Plug in the Pop,” in which Chevy (as Sparky) fires up the Griswold Family Light-tacular as Beverly D’Angelo and Juliette Lewis roll their eyes behind him in a spoof of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Just to be clear: Sitcoms are beneath Chevy Chase and that’s why he left Community — but he’ll gladly accept a few bucks to shill something close to his heart: a pop of color.

Here’s the Spanish version! The meek “Nooooooo!” instead of a wild Chevy Chase scream was a nice touch.

More recently: Living embodiment of the Christmas spirit Johnny Mathis joins the family for “The Softest Sweater Ever”…

…And the extended Griswold family really brings it for “Sweater Sequels,” as we see the triumphant return of Original Audrey Dana Barron, Original Rusty Anthony Michael Hall and “Euro Rusty” Jason Lively.

Have you been re-swept up into the Griswold Family Magic? Or do you at least want a $15 pair of pants in multiple hues?