By Stephan Lee
Updated December 11, 2012 at 09:41 PM EST

With DVR revolutionizing the way we consume television, commercials have to work harder than ever to reach its target audience — much less make any lasting impact. It’s been a steep learning curve, and not everyone is thinking outside the box just yet (see: Pepsi’s celebrity-driven Super Bowl ad that didn’t exactly scream “New Generation!”) But these other five companies stood out for daring to be different. Don Draper might even be impressed. Watch below.

Classiest: Cartier, “L’Odyssee de Cartier”

In the French jeweler’s big-budget mini-movie, a gem-encrusted panther comes to life, ventures across exotic landscapes, and encounters a golden dragon. Great cinematography, Cartier, even though you reminded us why we can’t afford your jewelry.

Most Touching: Google Chrome, “Jess Time”

Google needs to invent e-tissues so we can get through their ads. A college freshman and her dad use various apps to spend quality time together while they’re apart. Watch out for an ugly-cry-worthy ending.

Next: Olympic sap, a little romance and some comedy

Best Olympic Sap: Nike, “Find Your Greatness”

This simple shot of a husky 12-year-old jogger huffing and puffing down a lonely country road will either inspire you to get off your couch or hate yourself for staying on it.

Best Romance: Sears, “Connecting Flights”

SPOILER ALERT: Way more original than the average Katherine Heigl flick, this rom-com spoof stars a guy and a girl who meet-cute at the airport and fall in love — until a brand-name refrigerator comes between them. Literally. When can we see this in theaters?

Funniest: Doritos, “Slingshot Baby”

There were a lot of clever, meta commercials that aired during Super Bowl XLVI, but simple and stupid can go a long way. This spot, featuring a grandma launching a laughing baby across the yard scored to get to her beloved cheese-dusted nachos, scored highest among viewers.