Man, Carly Rae Jepsen never gave us this much trouble.

As we noted last week, K-Pop sensation PSY got into some hot water when word broke out that he once rapped about “killing Yankees…slowly and painfully” in a years-old anti-American rap called “Dear America.” He promptly issued an apology for his role in the song, which CNN reports was originally written by a South Korean group called N.E.X.T.

But that didn’t stop the “Gangnam Style” star from showing up in our nation’s capital last night for the annual “Christmas in Washington” concert, despite the wishes of those who signed this invalid petition. With President Obama in attendance, a sequin-spangled Psy took the stage and wisely opted to played it safe by performing “Gangnam Style” for his prestigious audience.

And Obama, too, played it safe. USA Today reports that when thanking the night’s entertainers — which included the less-controversial likes of Diana Ross, Scotty McCreery, and Conan O’Brien — the president pointedly omitted Psy’s name. Obama did, however, shake Psy’s hand after the show.

The video from last night’s performance won’t air until Dec. 21, when TNT will replay it, but until then, you can “enjoy” a glimpse at the anti-American rap heard ’round the world. That’s right, Psy’s Yankee-killing rap has finally made its way onto YouTube.

Watch the early-’00s clip of Psy’s “Dear America” in the video below:

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