By Darren Franich
December 07, 2012 at 09:25 PM EST

A mere month after the universe granted us the explode-y first look at Tom Cruise’s sci-fi adventure All You Need Is Kill, Universal has released the first poster for Cruise’s other sci-fi adventure, Oblivion. Although the movies are superficially similar — Cruise plays some kind of space soldier in both — Oblivion looks like the quieter of the two, judging by the desolate image of a beautiful waterfall flowing out of a ruined Empire State Building in this poster. (Just for funsies, there’s also a robot-spaceship thing that looks like something out of Portal.) The poster bears a superficial similarity to the one-sheet for Star Trek Into Darkness, indicating that Spring 2013 will be a good time for mournful futurism. Check out the Oblivion image below, and click on it for a bigger look:

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