Morgan Spurlock tackles the world of boy bands as he directs a documentary about One Direction

By Geoff Boucher
Updated December 07, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

He found fame by bingeing on Big Macs, but Morgan Spurlock‘s surprising next project — a 3-D documentary about boy band One Direction — will have him chewing on the enduring appeal of bubblegum pop. ”This isn’t Rattle and Hum — maybe Harmony and Handsome? They are handsome lads,” Spurlock says, adding that ”a chance to do a film of this magnitude — and with this audience — [was] a very exciting possibility.” The director says that the doc ”will be mostly behind-the-scenes” and will give moviegoers an understanding of ”who this band is and what is continuing to push them ahead of everyone else.” Indeed, the quintet only needed one day to sell 300,000 tickets to their 2013 tour — that global frenzy is why the film is being fast-tracked for an August release. Spurlock, meanwhile, is learning about the boy-band scene as he shoots. ”I listened to a tremendous amount of metal when I was a kid, driving around in my Camaro in West Virginia,” he explains. ”This is very different.”