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Kevin Smith has long promised that Kevin Smith’s last movie would be Hit Somebody, an epic hockey saga. Except that Hit Somebody would actually be two movies. Or maybe actually it would just be one movie. Strike that: Maybe it won’t be a movie at all. Smith stated on a recent episode of his podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old that Hit Somebody will be a miniseries, composed of six one-hour episodes. Smith claimed that the miniseries, filming next year, already has a network, although he stated: “I can’t tell you who the network is, they want to tell you themselves in a little bit.” (Easy money is on AMC, which already airs Smith’s Comic Book Men.)

But as Smith noted in a tweet Friday, with Hit Somebody now a miniseries, Kevin Smith needs a new Final Kevin Smith Movie. And earlier today, he promised a final film, in hindsight, was probably inevitable. “So with the HIT SOMEBODY shift, the minute Jeff Anderson signs on, my last cinematic effort as a writer/director will be CLERKS III. #TaDa” (Anderson played the motormouthed Randal in the first two Clerks movies.) Smith has been circling some form of Clerks III project for awhile now — in April, he told EW he was planning to turn it into a Broadway play — but it makes a sense that the director would return to the series that kickstarted his film career.

The director did not immediately respond to EW’s trilogy-specific request for comment, and it’s entirely possible that Clerks III will turn into a concept album and/or a young adult book series by the time you finish reading this sentence. Still, Generation X indie-saga threequels are hot right now. Let’s call this a definite maybe.

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