Tonight at 10 p.m. ET, the hilarious pop culture trivia game show Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street returns for its second season on Fuse. Below, watch an exclusive clip of frenetic comedian Billy Eichner accosting unsuspecting pedestrians to ask, “For a dollar, who do you like better: Rihanna or Rashida Jones?” — while he’s dragging Rashida Jones along with him. Then, read on for Eichner’s list of the top six reasons you should tune in for season 2 (also hilarious).

Six Reasons to Tune In for Season 2

by Billy Eichner

1. Because at one point I get so stressed out about Helen Hunt’s performance in The Sessions that I throw myself into a pile of garbage.

2. Because Will Ferrell and I play a game called “Would Drew Barrymore Like This?” where we argue over whether or not Drew Barrymore would like certain things (i.e. grapes, chilling at home, going to the movies).

3. Because Maya Rudolph helps me play a game where contestants have to try and distinguish between Tyler Perry dialogue and lines from Wanda Sykes’s Applebee’s commercial.

4. Last year the hilarious Rachel Dratch had a meltdown on Billy On the Street when she couldn’t successfully Name 20 White People in 30 seconds. This year she comes back to try and redeem herself in our very first Billy On the Street obstacle course! It has a special twist you’ll have to tune in to see…

5. Because it’s the only show on TV that dedicates more than one segment to trying to figure out if the Berenstain Bears were Jewish.

6. Because at one point I run around Manhattan with Debra Messing screaming “It’s Debra Messing, You Gays!”

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