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Brick Tamland is a simple man. He's polite, likes ice cream, and really enjoys a nice pair of slacks. Though he's a tad slow on the uptake, he's likely not the first TV weatherman who went on to work in the Bush Administration despite an I.Q. of 48. (No, but good guess: former FEMA director Michael "Brownie" Brown was not a TV weatherman.)

In Anchorman, Tamland was an essential member of the Channel 4 News band of brothers. But in the upcoming sequel — which still doesn't have a finished script — his personal loyalties might be tested, just as Ron Burgundy's were in the first movie. The Wrap reports that Kristen Wiig is being considered to play Tamland's wife. A relationship would be a big step for Tamland, who never really had any success inviting women to his pants party during the first movie — though we were told that he ultimately ends up with 11 children.

Director-cowriter Adam McKay has said that he hopes to create "a murderer's row of the best day players ever" for the sequel. "Like having every single one-line or three-line role just be someone we just love." Wiig would certainly fit that bill, though it makes sense for her to play a significant role that entails more than a few lines. If the film is set during the advent of 24-hour cable news, as McKay has hinted, Tamland's romance might still be in its early stages — pre-children and certainly pre "Heckuva job, Brick" government service.

Wiig and McKay's reps were mum on the Wrap's report, but the dame that lands this squarely handsome prize must be the total package, and I look forward to their courtship, as well as seeing how it impacts the fraternal order of KVWN. Will the two of them dine by candlelight until the big red candle is extinguished and digested? Will Champ Kind (David Koechner) miss Brick's scent and develop a jealous crush on his fair-weather friend? Or will Brick and Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) double-date, with the field reporter squiring his Sex Panther aficionado girlfriend about town?

As long as Wiig is involved, it promises to be an afternoon delight.

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