All this ''Boy Meets World'' talk got us thinking — what other '80s and '90s sitcoms are ripe for revivals?

By EW Staff
December 07, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Clarissa Explains It All
Sequel: Move Over, Darling
Story line Clarissa is the host of her very own nightly news program. But when ratings drop off, she gets a new cohost: her Republican brother, Ferguson Darling.
Why it’d work It’s Ben and Kate plus The Newsroom (minus the speechifying).

The Facts of Life
Sequel: Facts & Figures
Story line Twenty-plus years after The Facts of Life ended, lesbian couple Jo and Blair open up a bed-and-breakfast in New England and attempt to start a family.
Why it’d work CBS just canceled Partners. Open slot for the token gay show!

Small Wonder
Sequel: Newer Girl
Story line Now a professional lady android, V.I.C.I. moves into a loft full of human guys.
Why it’d work Plenty of shows succeed with the whole ”men and women are different species” concept. Adding an adorkable robot takes it to a whole new level.

Saved by the Bell
Sequel: Cursed by the Bell
Story line Zack returns to Bayside High as the new principal — and teams up with gym teacher A.C. Slater to solve crimes.
Why it’d work The original has legions of adult fans. Proof that you can leave high school, but high school never leaves you.

Full House
Sequel: Really Full House
Story line After losing their home to foreclosure, D.J. and Steve move in with Uncle Jesse. And who’s next door? Kimmy Gibbler!
Why it’d work Multifamily homes are increasingly common. And it gives America a fresh reason to crush on John Stamos.